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My Services

Here you can find information about my services and learn more about each of my offerings. Please indicate which service you are interested in when contacting me and your desired duration. 

My booking policy requires a short video call so we can confirm once another's identify and discuss how to make this the best experience possible. 


Tantra Massage

Modern Tantra gives us the opportunity to enjoy our sexuality like never before. It allows us to create a non-judgmental space and be in the present in a profound connection with our partner. 

I would like to share with you how I experience the art of Tantra, Sacred Touch, through different modalities which will allow you to reach states of presence, wellbeing, open heartedness, pleasure, sensuality, care, unconditional love, passion, acceptance, playfulness. Our sessions will involve conscious breathing, muscle contraction, sound, visualization, meditation, sensual massage and a sacred loving space.

In Tantra, you learn how to surrender to ecstasy - the life force, your life force. It will allow you to dive deeper into sexual intimacy and connection, one of the most profound of human experiences, and also one of the greatest sources of joy and inner knowledge.

* Sessions are offered to men only with a 1 hour minimum time.
All sessions are always private and confidential in a restful healing environment.

Tantra Massage

Santantra Somatic Intimacy Coaching

This is a commitment between you and your sexual persona, where you will give yourself permission to be guided into the pleasure and wisdom of your body on Tantra principles: breathing, movement, and sound. This coaching emphasizes the importance of creating trust and a deeper connection by learning how to read your partner's body and communicate your desires. I will teach you different methodologies and practices in our sessions and provide a shared sacred space to explore what this feels like. 




* Series of 4 sessions minimum

Santantra Somatic
Holding Hands

Intimacy Partner Therapy

This therapy is based in a western model for sexual healing, created by Masters and Johnson in the 70’s, and is known as a “Sensate of Focus”. In short, you can consider this therapeutic triangulation or team work between the Client/Patient (you), Sex therapist/Counselor, and Surrogate (me).

Together, we will go step by step in guiding you through different aspects of your sexual intimacy and beyond. 


This type of work is typically very profound because here we will focus on working through personal sexual beliefs or traumas that no longer serve you and could be blocking your path to a more fulfilling intimate life. 

* Sessions vary - contact me for more details. 

Intimacy Partner Therapy

Emotionally Intelligent Companion

People are mirrors - we learn and grow from each other through interaction. After our planetary experience with COVID, many of us have learned the importance of human interaction in any aspect of our lives. Some of us are still weathering part of the aftermath of our societal shift, maybe feeling depressing and lonely and yearning for that connection.

This offering is around companionship. Perhaps you are craving some company but the effort and logistics to meet new people are a little cumbersome. I will gladly fill in the space by providing you company where you can relax, be free from hidden agendas or expectations, and not need to perform. As your Emotionally Intelligent Companion, I am dedicated to creating a bond where you can feel heard, respected, and vulnerable. Whether you want to have a good laugh or cry, take a walk at the beach, go for a coffee and people watch, boating, lunch, park, cook together at home, or just have a feminine buddy that you can be sybarite with -- I'm open! I created this offering because I found that sometimes people want support to do things that require the company of another, and not everyone in our lives is always available. I am here to offer you the space, comfort, and support you desire to continue to enjoy life! 

* Sessions available to all and vary based on activity. As usual, agreements, boundaries, and respect required and will be discussed.

Emotionally Intelligent C
Tantra Kink

Tantra Kink

Kink is the perfect storm of sensations for the body and mind. Here you will experience total surrender, trust, pleasure, healing and much more. (But, only if you deserve it!)

In our sessions, you can look to me as a Sensualist Mistress, and you are my object of pleasure and study. I will brush your soul and you will shine within your own light.

These sessions require a multi-step vetting process to ensure safety and compatibility. You will first complete an intake form, followed by a video call  (Oh, and by the way, patience is not in my vocabulary)

* Sessions are offered to men only with a minimum commitment of 2 hours

Cuddle Theraputic Session

When was the last time you were cuddled? Specifically, with the right kind of touch and intention that makes you feel seen and makes your heart full?

Cuddle sessions have various benefits. They:
• Increase our oxytocin levels, which in turn helps us feel connected to the world and those round us.

• Drops our cortisol, the stress hormone which contributes to anxiety and decreased cognitive function.
• Triggers dopamine, the pleasure hormone which makes us feel really, really, good.


* Sessions are available to all. 
Important Notes:
Strict hygiene is a must (my nose is very sharp!)

I have a zero tolerance for anything of sexual nature, you will be reported and banned from my services.

This offering location is flexible. I can take sessions in my space which is free of pets, in case of allergies or I can travel to you instead up to 25 miles from my location. Anything above 25 miles will require a travel fee.

Cuddle Therapeutic
Dancing in the Mist

Playful Kinky Women's Circle

This is a unique exchange of empowerment and playfulness where women can completely relax, unwind, let loose, and learn from each other the things that can enhance their intimate life. 

My offering is to gather in sisterhood to talk about sexual intimacy in a fun way, where we can explore all different archetypes in our adult intimate life called "Lover’s Masks".

Men: This is a great gift for your girlfriend or wife, you will thank me later!

* Sessions are offered to groups of women ranging from 3 to 7 (smaller groups preferred for a more intimate setting) I also offer one on one sessions tailored to you and what topics you would like to explore in a healing way. 

This offering location is flexible: I can go to your home, party, or you can come to my home/studio. Please note any travel for myself above 25 miles will require a travel fee.

Playfull Kinky Circle
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