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After being married for 30+ years, I didn’t know how to relate to a female or going for a date. I was feeling very depressed and lonely. I took courage and contacted Anoli. Now, I’m working with her for about 3 months and my hope is back! She is helping me to rediscover who I’m and how I feel in my body at 62 years old.

- Gary

Santantra Somatic Intimacy Coaching client

I am a 45 years old single, with an orthodox religion background. I reached out to Anoli to see what is in the other side of life. We take walks in different places, we laugh and talk about everything.

I’m enjoying the company of a real woman/friend.

- Adam

Emotional Intelligence Companion client

I’m a business men, with a lot of responsibilities. The only time that I’m not thinking and taking decisions is when I see Anoli, for a Tantra kink session. Is the side of my sexuality that few know. I trust her because she’s the best Mistress and I know that privacy, confidentiality and safety is a must for her.

- Your humble toy

Tantra Kink client

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