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About Me

A photo of Anoli
Anoli Santantra (Ah-no-lee Sahn-tahn-trah)



I am originally from Chile and have called beautiful Miami Beach, Florida my home for many years, often traveling back to Santiago, Chile for family visits and clients if time permits. I started my personal and professional journey in sexual healing about 15+ years ago when I began to study different sexuality traditions and somatic bodywork.  Since then, I'm always exploring new arenas of Sexual Intimacy and its wisdom.

I am currently studying to become a Clinical Sex Therapists, also trained as a Surrogate Partner Therapist in the Western model for sexual healing, certified in Tantra Massage, and have been a Massage Therapist with various specializations in my private practice for over 10 years.



I identify as a passion seeker, believer, altruist, sybarite, and sensualist revolutionary. I feel good in my skin and honor the body as a temple in this life time. I like to study human interactions in their full spectrum, and I believe in humanity and the power of healing that resides in each one of us. 

I am deeply connected to my spirituality and one of the missions in my heart is to be in service of others, sharing my knowledge and vision of sexual intimacy and helping them grow within their own. It has always been a topic that fascinates me because it is simultaneously human, divine, and taboo; and yet we all experience it differently.

My other interests are photography, adventures that stretch the synapses in my brain, walking on the beach, traveling, camping, relaxing at the spa, or being in my own company dancing or reading a book. Sometimes when it's raining, I like to go outside, feel the power of nature, and realize how fragile and human we are. When I'm not doing that, you can find me relishing in company and connection which feels natural to me since I come from a big family. I love hosting gatherings with my friends/family, laughing, cuddling, watching a movie, or sharing the joys of cooking. I believe in the healing properties of laugh and giggles. 

Something that is also a big part of me is naps! It feels very luxurious and restorative to have them and make time for them.

I welcome you to my world and it would be my honor to support you with any of my offerings.

Wishing you a delightful journey of self-discovery! 

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