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Young and sexually assertive is possible

Intimacy Coaching for young people

If you are a man or a woman, and you are visiting my page, one of the reasons could be that something is missing in your sexual intimacy. Maybe you can’t point it out, but you feel it each time you are intimate with someone.

This is one of the most common concerns that I hear from men/woman between the ages 22-33;

“I feel emptiness after sex”

“What else is before and after genital pleasure”

“My body is numb”

“I can’t express my passion how I want it”

“Reality is not like in porn”

“I am 23 and virgin “

“I don’t know how to express desires verbally”

“I feel like I am using women for my own pleasure, this bring a lot of shame on me”

“Nobody taught me how to open my heart”

“I am embarrassed to ask my partners for what they want, I think I should know that “

” I know that faking my pleasure is not healthy for me “

These are topics that bring a lot anxiety, specially when we are young.

If we talk a little bit about biology, we are meant to reproduce, hormones play a primary role in our sexuality and make us blind. Nowadays we’ve been evolving and we don’t use sexuality only for reproduction. We want to go beyond this basic need, and also we have choices. And that is why we feel emptiness in our encounters, because nobody teaches us how to connect in another way than for reproductive purposes.

If you are young (between the ages of 22-33) and resonate with what I am expressing here. Let’s talk about it!

My offering, is to provide a safe and confidential space for your intimacy coaching, where you will have the sexual education that you always want and need.

Remember, this is like going to the school. Patience, consistency, fun homework and, the opportunity to show up your accountability within yourself.


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