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Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Sometimes the only thing that we all need is talk about it, be vulnerable and then we will be open to discover the pathway for solutions.

Most people had religious influence in childhood that marked the rest of their live.

I would like to leave these lines here, for your self reflection ,if you identify, let’s talk about it, maybe you have believes that they don’t serve you anymore for your sexual and intimate life. And we can work together towards your personal goals.

  • Fears about the need to perform

  • Lack of social/sexual confidence and experience

  • Inability to develop intimate relationships

  • Freedom from emotional and mental pain of childhood abuse

  • Lack of desire

  • Need for social/sexual education

  • Shyness and anxieties around social and sexual situations

  • Fear of women

This concerns are common in the work that I do. Many men and woman are looking for conscious education and healing.

I’m here for you 🙏🏽

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