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Life is orgasmic

Through Tantra Massage, we can access our most primal love language: touch,and the essence of connecting with intention. Together we will bring back your sexual confidence and stamina so you can feel empowered and redefined in your masculinity. 

Let us explore the areas where sexual healing and spirituality meet. 

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Hi, I'm Anoli and I specialize in somatic touch. As your coach, my goal is to help you access a new level of sexuality -- one that emphasizes spirituality and that will allow you to become more aware of you and your partner's innermost feelings & desires. 

My work is rooted in the learnings of Modern Tantra. It is the sexual learning of choice for those who want to have it all: a passionate sex life, a healthy body, and spiritual awakening. I practice it by having an open heart, compassion, gratitude and a blissful spirit. I would like to provide and share a space to explore what that feels like. My intention with all my offerings is to create respectful intimacy in its full spectrum with an open-heart and clear boundaries. 

I am currently in 2022 studying for becoming a Sex Clinical Therapist, also trained as a Surrogate Partner Therapist in the Western model for sexual healing and certified in Tantra Massage. I am a Massage Therapist with more than 10 years of experience in private practice with different specializations. In our sessions I will guide you through conscious breathing, muscle contraction, sound therapy, visualization, meditation, and sensual massage -- all within a sacred loving space.

My Services

"If something or someone brings joy, fun, peace, love and serenity, then it is being experienced from the heart."


At first, I did not understand what breathing, sound, and eye gazing had to do with my sexuality. I wasn't sure it would connect, but after a couple of Tantra Massage sessions, my own body gave me the answers. Anoli has become my go-to when I am in town.


Tantra client 

My good friend had suggested I call Anoli after mentioning how much I wanted to cross "skinny-dipping at night" off my bucket list. It seemed silly, but for a 67-year-old man, I had a tough time finding takers! Anoli was sweet and now I know I have a lady friend without any expectations!  

- Jack C.
Emotional Intelligence Companion client

I’m working with my Sex Therapy and Anoli (Intimacy Partner Therapy). I didn’t know that I was missing so much in my sexuality. I'm feeling much more comfortable and confident in the bedroom these days.

- Happy Camper (Anonymous)
Intimacy Partner Therapy client

Find me at West Palm Beach, 33401 and Miami Beach, 33141

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If you want to get in touch faster, text me: Your name, age and what are you looking for 


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